19 170 patients
19 170 patients
19 170 patients

Have become healthier
and feel themselves great


Of people come based on recommendation and their family members receive treatment as well

18 years

We have been continuing the family medical business

Sukhachov Aleksandr

The Chief Physician, Dentist, Orthopedist, Gnathologist

In 2003 we opened the first clinic in Poltava and continued the family business.

Based on the experience gained, we do not change the traditions of the Poltava school of dentistry and since then we have been following three key principles:

Сухачов Александр

Основатель клиники, главврач-координатор, гнатолог

Treatment strictly according to the medical indications

We treat patients only according to indicators of detailed diagnostics, and not under the influence of fashion and "desires”. Medicine and health are above all.

Example, based on one of the most common cases:

A girl who is satisfied with all her teeth and they are healthy

Everywhere in clinics they say that you need to put veneers and grinder your teeth. It would cost her about 10,000 euros.

And in fact, there the following indicators for her: Cleaning and removal of deposits + treatment of one tooth + laser whitening - it costs us up to $ 1,000.

And this is not because we offer low cost or we do not put veneers. This is because we practice medicine and treat only according to the indications.


We preserve the longevity of your own teeth in various ways according to the MiCD concept

A classic example is veneers. To affix them, you need to sharpen all the teeth which is an invasive procedure. It is not necessary to grind healthy teeth just to achieve a bright, beautiful and healthy smile.

It can be achieved

without resorting to the above

You can keep your teeth intact and whiten, straighten them with minimal intervention and the result will be the same.

In this case, a year later you will not regret that you acted impulsively and now your teeth cannot grow back.
Можно сохранить свои зубы целыми и отбелить, выровнять их с минимальным вмешательством и результат будет таким же.

В таком случае спустя года вы не будете жалеть о том, что импульсивно поступили и теперь зубы уже не нарастить обратно

We do not just treat teeth, but consider the body as a whole

It has been proven since the 90's that the condition of the teeth and jaw affects the posture and your position in space.

Roughly speaking, the condition of your teeth, jaw depends on whether there will be chronic pain, spasms of the facial muscles of the neck, problems with posture and asymmetry of the face and body.

The better our condition of the teeth
and jaw is, the less problems
we have here

Neck pain
Spasms of the facial muscles, clicks of the joints and their erasure
Bad posture
Body asymmetry
That is why
That is why
That is why

90% of clients come on the recommendation of acquaintances and their family members receive treatment as well

The clinic does not look like a health care facility,

providing the possibility for you to relax and avoid worrying

Several times a month we take courses online and travel abroad to receive knowledge and experience

We constantly adopt new experience,
knowledge and technologies

Expo Madrid 2020
Participation in seminars, lectures
Istanbul, October 2020. Galip Gürer. Creation of Indirect
Restorations according to ART concept. Practice
Kyiv, December 2020. Digital Functional Protocols
n Diagnostics and Planning of Orthopedic Treatment
made in Italy
made in Italy
made in Italy
and Germany
and Germany
and Germany

+ materials made in Japan make treatment fast, comfortable and ultra-precise

These are the most advanced programs of the last 2-3 years with built-in artificial intelligence. The occurrence of inaccuracies is actually reduced to zero.

The SAM system adjusts the restoration
with an accuracy of 5-15 microns
Artificial intelligence participates and helps in the formation
of aesthetics, diagnosis, and simulation evaluation

Dentists usually use photopolymers for tooth fillings

We use giomers made in Japan

which are the materials that cure, not just replace voids, like photopolymers


Look the same as the natural tooth tissue
Completely adapt to the colour of the tooth
Biologically neutral
Completely merge with the body
Kill harmful microorganisms due to the release of fluoride


Provoke rejection by the body

With the help of nanocomposites made in Japan

we create the aesthetics of the level of the best veneers, but without teeth grinding and cutting

Your own teeth remain intact

And no sacrifices are needed for the achieving beauty

Lasers are the newest and most gentle approach in dentistry

We apply them at each stage of treatment

100% antibacterial treatment – they kill all germs

Stimulate immunity, both general and local ones

All this is masterfully
mastered by our doctors

Sukhachov Aleksandr

Doctor, Dentist, Orthopedist, Gnathologist

Sukhacheva Liubov

Dentist-Therapist, Periodontist

Honcharenko Natalia

Doctor, Dentist-Therapist

Tertitskaia Yulia

Doctor, dentist-therapist

Makarova Aleksandra


Lysak Vladimir


Medical licenses

and clinic certificates

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Our clinic in Kyiv

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